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 Brief Introduction

Sinolink Primary School is a non-profit state-owned private school established in the autumn of 1999 by Shenzhen Sinolink Properties Co. Ltd. The school, located in the Sinolink Garden in Luohu District, covers an area of about 11000O, wherein, the school is about 5000O, and the green area occupies 60% of the garden. The school is grassy, elegant, and picturesque with singing birds and fragrant flowers. There are 24 classes, about 700 students in general, and 70 faculty members.

Under the leadership of the school superintendent Ms. Zhang Laiping who loves education and knows the trend of world education development well, the school still takes its educational goals as ^establish a high-quality school that can integrate with the world¨s education, and cultivate excellent talents who can reach out to the world ̄. Thus the educational environment, educational process, educational activities, and evaluation methods can be optimized continually to ensure that the education quality is steadily improved, and the school culture is formed. The school was rated as ^The First-level School in Luohu District ̄ in 2003, ^The First-level School in Shenzhen ̄ in 2004, ^The First-level School in Guangdong Province ̄ in 2005, ^Civilized Unit of Shenzhen ̄ in 2006, ^Eco-School of Shenzhen ̄ and ^Advanced Education Unit in Luohu District ̄ in 2007, ^Health Promoting School in Shenzhen ̄ in 2008, ^National Excellent Private School ̄ in 2009, and the high-quality school of formal education in Shenzhen in 2010.

Theory on School Management

School Mission/Sinolink Primary School insists to pursue perfect education which can lead the students to participate in meaningful learning activities, like reading and thinking, being excellent at cooperation and exploration, and become the ones with the abilities of lifelong learning and enthusiasm. The school pursues strong ties with the student families and the community, paying attention to individual and group habits and characteristics, pursuing excellence and confidence, cultivating modern ladies and gentlemen with a national spirit and international views.

School Concept/To create a people and moral oriented student. Help the student to learn how to be a good person, how to behave, how to cooperate, and how to learn.

Student Concept/Respect for life and pay attention to individualities. Firmly believe that everyone is talented, and everyone has weaknesses. Focusing on their strengths and each one can become a successful person.

Quality Concept/Health orientated, comprehensive and balanced. We focus on each student individually to ensure school achievements gradually increase and that good habits and characteristics are formed.

School Motto/Face the morning breeze and think: how productive and successful will I be today? Follow the sunset and ask: was there any progress today?

Teaching Style/Be realistic and pragmatic, pay attention to details, and pursue perfection.


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